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Community Cultivation

We aim to be the living room for our community and visitors.

We can't wait to get to know you. The relationship with our guests is paramount.

Our priority is to ensure everyone feels welcome. Please say hello when you visit.

Celebrate the Region

We deliver superior artisanal products to the Berkshires at affordable prices.

Our partnerships and events champion the revitalization of local industry, big & small.

The kitchen sources responsibly, supporting the long-term sustainability of the area’s local agriculture.

TBR recycles waste through community programs, so we are actually feeding the vegetables and proteins we buy.

Memorable Food

A culinary destination - a standout in the Berkshires.

We only cook with sustainably grown & produced ingredients.

We celebrate ethnic and regional dishes with the belief that one can’t savor food without exploring.

Our ethos, to retain a sense of adventure and always innovate.

Our Team